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Interpet LED Lighting Double Bright White 900mm
Interpet LED Lighting System Double Bright White 900mm is easy to install to enhance existing lights in the aquarium for plant and coral growth. The Interpet Bright White LEDs are a spot light sour...
Interpet Aqueon Falls White 3 Pod Aquarium
Aqueon Falls aquarium kit The Interpet Aqueon Falls White 3 pod aquarium has a curved design for all round viewing. It is ideal as a temperate or tropical (heater required for tropical) aquariu...
EHEIM eXperience 250T External Filter
EHEIM eXperience 250T External Filtration and Heating – all in one EHEIM external thermofilters – worldwide unique. Cleaning and circulating the water and at the same time setting the correct temp...
Fish Mate 4000 pond pump with control valve fitted
Adding a Fish Mate 4000 pond pump ...to your pond opens up a whole world of possibilities. Moving water can transform your pond into the focus of a beautiful water garden. The Fish Mate 4000 is...
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Bermuda 4500 Filter Force Pump & 6000 Pressure Filter Kit
Bermuda Filterforce & Pressure Filter Kit The Bermuda 4500 Filterforce Pump 6000 Filter Kit contains everything needed to filter a garden pond of up to 6000 litres. The Bermuda 4500 Filterf...
Lotus Clear Pond 25 Pond Filter
Clear Pond 25 Pond Filter The Lotus Clear Pond 25 pond filter gives Clarity & Purity in an advanced 7 stage filter with high powered U.V.C and quick action back flush (De-Sludge) system. ...
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Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Flakes 70g
With low phosphorus and ash Ocean Nutrition Formula Tw...
Laguna Max Flo 11000
Laguna Max Flo 11000 ...is a waterfall &a...
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