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Fluval Edge 25 Watt Compact Heater New
Product SummaryThe Fluval Edge 25 watt compact aquarium heater is an automatic, submersible heater f..

Fluval Cycle Biological Enhancer 500ml New
Product SummaryFluval Cycle Biological Enhancer 500ml is a responsive biological aquarium su..

Fluval Clean & Clear Cartridge New
Product SummaryThe Fluval Clean & Clear cartridge is packed with special high performance resins..

Fluval U2 Poly Clearmax Cartridge New
Product SummaryU2 Fluval Poly/Clearmax filter cartridge helps control green water and unsightly alga..

Marina Naturals Indigo & Green Sword Leaf Silk Plant - Large - 33 - 35.5 cm New
Product SummaryEnhance your aquascape with lifelike Marina Naturals Silk Plants. Provides comfort to..

Blagdon Blanket Weed Controller -26%
Product SummaryThe permenant solution to Blanket weed problems in the pond - Simple to ins..
£42.99 £31.99

Blagdon MiniPond 4500 Pond Filter -10%
Product SummaryThe Minipond filter system offers sophisticated, professional pond technology in a..
£79.49 £71.54

Kent Marine Purple Tech 473ml -15%
Product SummaryKent Marine Purple Tech stimulates the growth of purple coralline and green c..
£15.37 £13.06

Kent Marine Reef Salt Mix 26.3kg -41%
Product SummaryKent Marine Reef Salt Mix 26.3kg provides the reef aquarium with the essentia..
£89.99 £52.99

Velda Cross-Flow Biofill Pond Filter -33%
Product SummaryCross-Flow Biofill + UV-C is a unique flow filterThe Cross-Flow Biofill ..
£187.99 £125.39

Product SummaryThe Maxspect R420R LED Module 120w 15000K redefines the term efficiency. With..

Product Summary The Maxspect R420R LED Module 180w 15000K redefines the term efficiency. With tempe..

Product Summary The Maxspect R420R LED Module 320w 15000K redefines the term efficiency. With tempe..

Product Summary The Maxspect R420R Nano LED Module 70w 15000K is ideal for aquariums up to 20 inch ..

Product SummaryThe Next Generation of Water-moving Technology is Here with the Maxspect XF230 Gyre ..

Product SummaryThe Fluval Aquasky 12w unit pairs super bright white LEDs with tri-coloured RGB LEDs ..

Product Summary Hozelock EasyClear range is a combined inpond pump and biological filter system c..

Product SummaryThe Interpet Kids Glow 30 Litre is an ideal starter aquarium for kids.Features:G..

Product SummarySeachem De Nitrate 500ml is an economical, natural, porous material with a po..

Product Summary High Performance Pressurised UV Pond Filter Now Better than ever! The Pressure-Fl..

Product SummaryFluval 406 External Aquarium Filter delivers many practical benefits – includ..

Product SummaryComplete food for feeding during autumn and winterDuring colder peri..

Product SummaryBlagdon Enhance 5 Way LED Lights for pond or garden. This set of 5 easy to ..

Product SummarySeachem Stability 250ml will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofil..

Product Summary The Bioforce Revolution pond filter range features a patented, easy clean system a..

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Cichlids 22-02-17

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Tropical 22-02-17

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Marines 10-02-17

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Tangs 03-02-17

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