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Picture of Blagdon MiniPond 4500 Pond Filter
MiniPond 4500 ...is all you need for a clean and healthy pond. The Blagdon Minipond 4500 Pond Filter system offers sophisticated, professional pond technology in a flexible, easy to use pac...
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Fish Mate 4000 pond pump with control valve fitted
Adding a 4000 pond pump ...to your pond opens up a whole world of possibilities. Moving water can transform your pond into the focus of a beautiful water garden. The Fish Mate 4000 is a versati...
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Yamitsu Algae Master 25 Watt
Yamitsu Algae Master effective long term control of green water 16625 litre pond ultra violet clarifier Yamitsu have been manufacturing Algae Masters in Great Britain since 1990. Yamitsu Al...
Lotus Olympus PRO 5000
Olympus PRO 5000 ...pond filter pump sets a new standard in performance and reliability. The Lotus Olympus PRO 5000 pond filter pump has been developed as high volume solids handling pond p...
Eheim Aquaball 130
With EHEIM aquaball 130 you get an award-winning* internal filter concept with all-round benefits. The ball is the trick. The round pump head sits in a ball joint. This enables adjustment of the ...
Fish Mate 4000 GUV Pond Filter
4000 GUV Pond Filter The Fish Mate 4000 GUV pond filter is a combined UV and biological filtration unit for crystal clear, purified pond water in an easy to clean, effective and compact design....

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Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks 2000g
Wheatgerm Fish Food Sticks Complete food ...
Tetra Pond Water Test Set
Pond Water Testing Set Tetra's Pond Water...
Kent Marine Reef Starter Kit
Reef Starter Supplements Advanced solutio...
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